Geotechnics, Geology and Hydraulics (GGH) Departments is the point of reference for the design, diagnostics, management services of undergrounds works, geotechnical structures and hydrogeological instability, as well specialized and advanced studies in hydraulics

Where skills come together

The team consists of specialists in various technical and scientific fields such as engineers, geologists, architects, surveyors, as well as a multitude of fruitful collaborations with universities and international private partners. Expertise and sustainability are the key elements that guide the GGH departments

The real challenge is to find the balance between People, Profits and the Planet. This is the real driving force of our future

The Underground engineering

The complexity of geotechnical and geological engineering studies requires specific skills and abilities. Innovation, analysis tools, multidisciplinary skills and process sustainability are key elements that guide the GGH team in methodological and design choices.

Corporate excellence in innovation

GGH Department makes a major contribution to the promotion of state-of-the-art solutions. Enhancing the know-how and tools for digitalization, risk analysis works life cycle assessment, and advanced numerical modeling. The main assets analyzed are pre-existing and new tunnels, underground stations, major works of art and related hydrogeological risk mitigation, and work on infrastructures as a whole.

Climate change, challenges and innovative solutions

The GGH Department carries out hydrogeological and climate risk analysis and management with state-of-the-art technologies and processes, complemented by the company's R&D Department. Innovative methodologies and techniques make it possible to design solutions and management tools to manage complex multi-disciplines over time and on different scales.