The future you want is within reach


This is the spirit that guides us. We believe in a Human Centric organisation. In the value of everyone's contribution. We encourage curiosity, we support iclusion by promoting initiatives for personal and professional growth, because we know how important it is to stimulate the mind to improve the quality of life and work. 

Life in ETS

Every employee is a resource to be taken care of. Every action is aimed at enhancing the uniqueness of each person and creating an inclusive working environment based on constructive confrontation. We know how important it is to respect every situation and personal sphere in order to be able to count on the best energies also at work. It is part of believing in a shared destiny mentality and this is exactly what sets us apart. At ETS we share a culture that is oriented towards people, family, affection and personal experiences, in which we support and encourage our employees to give their best. We work together as a team and appreciate the quality and integrity in all the work we do.

Well-being and work-life balance

We understand the importance of creating an internal company environment that balances work and personal lives: values, tradition, family, employee wellbeing, inclusion and diversity are an integral part of our company culture. We believe that employee well-being influences all aspects of work and private life. Creating a healthy working environment is the key to the long-term success of our company.




With a view to promoting good practices of social responsibility and giving greater attention to the needs and requirements of our employees and their families, we recognize a Welfare plan of benefits and services, as innovative incentive tools, to respond to the growing economic needs, ensuring a better work-life balance and sustainability of purchasing power, in order to foster and increase the personal well-being of employees.

Flexibility and support for parents

ETS promotes the well-being of its employees especially those who perform caring roles as parents, also aiming to achieve effective gender equality both at work and in the family. In order to meet individual and/or family needs, we recognize hourly flexibility measures and/or forms of facilitation to protect parenthood, We apply company policies to support parenthood for the harmonization of work-life balance times, allowing new parents to flexibly balance work and family needs.

Supplementary retirement provision

With the future of our employees at heart, we promote tools to protect the future in the area of retirement provision, as a concrete means of support for supplementary retirement provision and a meaningful response for the generations now at work, especially the youngest, who need a supplementary retirement reinforcement of their pension position.

Continuous Training

We firmly believe that a well-constructed training plan is an added value for every employee because it allows the growth of their know-how and the chance to engage in personal and professional growth; it is, therefore, an important opportunity not only for the employee but for the entire organization. We provide Training Paths as an integral part of corporate Welfare, to offer concrete enhancement to staff both culturally and personally, resulting in an improved internal climate and business performance.

Gender Equality and Diversity & Inclusion

Siamo un'azienda certificata per la Diversità e Inclusione (UNI ISO 30415:2021), e ci impegniamo costantemente per combattere gli stereotipi e creare un ambiente lavorativo imparziale, equo, inclusivo delle diversità e socialmente responsabile, in cui ciò che conta è solo il merito delle persone. Abbiamo ottenuto la certificazione per la Parità di genere (UNI PdR 125:2022), adottando misure concrete per ridurre il divario di genere e favorendo le opportunità di crescita, la parità salariale, la tutela della genitorialità e la conciliazione vita-lavoro. Valorizzare le differenze consente di inquadrare i progetti da punti di vista differenti, rendendoli innovativi e performanti.

Career opportunities

There is no limit to what
you can achieve.

All the people who care about our company share a common passion: a passion for engineering, architecture, technology and innovation. ETS is a fast-growing national and international engineering company that offers a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of disciplines, in an inclusive and collaborative climate, and offers excellent training and skills development as well as attractive growth prospects. We need capable, courageous and visionary colleagues; your career is as individual as you are!