A state-of-the-art technological tool for linear infrastructure surveys in civil engineering.

A State-of-the-art technology

ARCHITA is an innovative multidimensional Mapping system, with integrated detection instrumentation and position sensor, all installed on a single vehicle. Multiple information (geometry, state, structural conditions) is obtained in a single step and integrated into a single environment for infrastructure maintenance, design and management.

Mappatura multidimensionale integrata su un unico veicolo bimodale (ferroviario/stradale). Molteplici dati con un singolo passaggio integrati in un unico ambiente digitale per la manutenzione, la progettazione e la gestione delle infrastrutture.

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Reliable Digital Data

ARCHITA ensures simultaneous and integrated detection of multiple geometric and analytical parameters. 

ARCHITA ensures simultaneous and integrated detection of the geometry and conditions of the infrastructure, collecting all the information necessary for the assessment, maintenance and management of the infrastructure. It allows you to design future infrastructure management over time with a clear, objective and repeatable system to support engineering judgment. 

Increased Safety

ARCHITA provides an average acquisition speed between 15-30 km/h with minimal impact on rail/road traffic.

Increased safety is ensured by a combination of reduced impact on rail or road traffic and a reduction in the time spent by technical staff on-site activities

Value generation

The engineering of the data acquired with ARCHITA is the real added value. Starting from the status of the work under investigation allows strategic planning of maintenance and modernization operations, contributing significantly to the security of the infrastructure and the protection of people. Innovation is instrumental, in process, and management and allows to creation of an innovative IT environment for the maintenance, design, and management of infrastructure. Defect mapping with AI support and virtual tunnel inspection complete the range of new opportunities offered by ARCHITA.