Business value takes shape through people and feeds on their own energy

We believe in a safe and prejudice-free working environment where people can express themselves creatively and where different points of view are respected. We invest in training and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our belief is in committed, responsible and motivated employees, in multidisciplinary teams with a common vision, while each maintaining their own specific characteristics and promoting themselves as ambassadors of the ETS values and brand. 


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Gabriele Miceli

Fondatore & CEO
"We have a positive impact on individuals, families and communities through our work, our projects and our charitable efforts. It is an exciting place to be every day and to have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our country."


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Stefano Parlapiano
Luca Terrile
Stefano Montagner
Roberta Cassiodoro
Mohammadali Ahmadreza
Francesca Costantini
Lorenzo Zanolli
Lorenzo Di Pierro
Fabrizia Fiumara
Giulia Grossi
Giovanni Petrole
Gerardo Filocamo
Federica Caldoso
Francesca Farina
Riccardo Giordano
Fabrizio Pitocchi
Erika Paltrinieri
Clelia Ialongo
Elena Baradel
Daniele Siddera
Jlenia Pinato
Cesare Perpetuini
Rita Rubino
Mario Di Nicolantonio
Serena Pantaneschi
Filippo Turriziani
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Carmine Fanelli
Valeria Sensi
Marco Mosca
Chiara Cormano
Dario Polentini
Roberto Russo
Silvia Massacci
Salvatore Lorefice
Mirco Berdini
Fabiana Clementi
Flavia del Grosso
Rosario Trufini
Giacomo Cedrone
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Alessandra Monforte
Marianna Brichese
Maria Giovanna Camuti
Anna Musazzi
Elena Mazza
Rossella Pagliuca
Giovanni Tramontana
Maurizio Di Meglio
Francesco Emanuele Panico
Elena Maggioni
Rocco Buoninconti
Mario Calicchio