Works necessary for the protection of the South East UT railway track from hydrogeological instability

Contractor: Micos spa
Contracting Authority: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Works designed: Protection of the South East UT railway track from hydrgeological instability
Place of realisation of the works designed: Roma - Formia - Napoli UT Sud Est Railway line
Value of the works designed: € 5.870.000
Type of Project: Transport, Security
Servizio: Engineering- Geology-Geotechnics
Period of provision of the service: 2015

Description of the service provided

This service was performed with regard to the rocky slope above the railway track along the Rome-Formia-Naples line, where rockfalls had occurred. Precise geological and laser scanner surveys, and trajectory plotting analyses, were performed. The project solutions adopted were designed after identification of the possible areas vulnerable to potentially loose portions of rock and after assessment of the forces involved.


50% Geology-Geotechnics

50% Engineering


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