Restyling of Latina Scalo Railway Station

Contractor: Micos SPA
Contracting Authority: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Works designed: Restyling of Station Building and existing underpass, new underpass, raising of platforms, new canopies, upgrading of technology systems, outdoor areas, signage
Place of realisation of the works designed: Rome-Naples Railway Line
Value of the works designed: € 12.500.000
Type of Project: Transport, Retail, Restyling
Service: Engineering-Architecture
Period of provision of the service: 2017-2018

Description of the service provided

This technical description covers the works undertaken to restyle the Station Building and the outdoor areas and to construct a new pedestrian underpass with canopies and lifts at Latina Station on the Rome - Naples, via Formia railway line.


60% Architecture

40% Engineering


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