Replacement of the “Falcognana” railway bridge

Contractor: Sveco SPA
Contracting Authority: RFI - Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Works designed: Replacement of the “Falcognana” railway bridge at km 17+497 on the Rome-Formia line.
Place of realisation of the works designed: Falcognana (Rome)
Value of the works designed: € 2.500.000
Type of Project: Transport, Retail, Restyling
Service: Engineering-Architecture
Period of provision of the service: 2017-2018

Description of the service provided

The project involved the replacement of the bridge at the point where the Rome-Formia railway line (km 17+497) crossed above the via Ardeatina highway, at Falcognana, in zone IX of the city of Rome. The activities involved the demolition of the existing structure, a brickwork bridge with a single oblique arch, and its replacement with a new box-structure reinforced concrete bridge.


45% Architecture

50% Engineering


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