Multibeam bathymetric survey Kufra Oasis

Contractor: GEDSI s.r.l.
Contracting Authority: GEDIS s.r.l.
Works designed: Multibeam bathymetric survey
Place of realisation of the works designed: "Kufra" Oasis (Latina)
Value of the works designed: € 6.700
Type of Project: Survey
Service: Geology – Geotechnics
Period of provision of the service: 2018

Description of the service provided

ETS S.r.l. performed a topographic - bathymetric survey of the above and below-ground part of the area outside the Kufra Oasis facility along the shore at Sabaudia. The solution adopted by the company involved the use of Multibeam instrumentation plus probe for measurement of the sound velocity profile, and use of a portable laser scanner.


100% Geology–Geotechnics

0% Engineering


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