The ANGI Award: Radio Rai interviews Eng. Gabriele Miceli





Yesterday 16.12.2019 Eng. Gabriele Miceli had the pleasure of being interviewed again by Daniel Della Seta during the program "L'Italia Che Va .." of Radio Rai, during the second edition of the ANGI (National Association of Young Innovators) award in the "Mobility & Smart City" category that we receive today at the Chamber of Deputies. In the spotlight is Archita, an innovative multidisciplinary system as well as the philosopher whose name it bears. Archita is based on an integration of different systems aiming at a univocal result on the state of health of our infrastructures, through a reduction of times and, therefore, of costs. Being able to investigate expeditiously at speeds of 30km/h reduces the impact on infrastructure management and, consequently, the costs for the client. Behind Archita there is a young team, made up of engineers and geologists, born and raised with the project itself.