Infrastructure diagnostics


Infrastructure security is a social responsibility, investigating infrastructure is a duty of engineering. SIMURis a modular and integrated system for remote monitoring in real time of structures and infrastructures distributed throughout the territory.


Modularity and system integration guarantee a high level of customization, useful for defining the optimal configuration for each specific structure to be monitored. Easy to install it significantly reduces the time spent by operators in hazardous and risky areas.



Real-time control
It allows to visualize the progress and danger of the alarm, improving the planning of an adequate intervention plan. High availability of accurate data on the monitored area and possible data engineering.



Remote control
New data readings allow to optimize the available resources, improving the overall efficiency of the system. Improve the planning of maintenance work on the line and activate this maintenance work more quickly, generating a significant reduction in emergency management costs.



Data engineering
The wide range of data and the various possible combinations introduce a new level of information analysis, useful for defining more timely actions and more accurate engineering studies.