A cutting-edge tool for civil engineering surveys


ARCHITA is an innovative multidimensional Mapping system , with linked and integrated detection instrumentation and position sensor, all installed on a single vehicle. A large set of information (geometry, status, structural condition) are obtained with a single step and integrated in one single environment for the maintenance, design and the management of infrastructure.

Reliability of the data through the simultaneous and integrated survey of multiple parameters allows you to plan future infrastructure management over time with a clear, objective and repeatable system supporting the engineering judgment.

Increased safety thanks to reduced impact on rail or road traffic, reducing time on site activities and increasing safety for employees and users.

Cost efficiencyis guaranteed by the high planning opportunity and timely intervention decision offered by the system and by the reduced activity required in the field.

Innovation is instrumental,process, managerial and allows you to create an innovative IT environment for infrastructure maintenance, design and management. Defect mapping with AI support and virtual tunnel inspection complete the range of new opportunities offered by ARCHITA.

Reliable digital data
ARCHITA guarantees a simultaneous and integrated survey of geometry and condition of infrastructure, collecting all the information required for the assessment, the maintenance and the management of infrastructure (all-in-one solution).

Increase safety and security
ARCHITA guarantees acquisition velocity of 15-30 km/h on average with minimal impact on rail/road traffic, reducing the time on the in-situ activities and increasing the safety for men at work and users. ARCHITA allows to know the state of the infrastructure and plan the mitigation measures for the non-conformities.


Cost efficiency
ARCHITA produces back-office optimization and cost efficiency. Short disruption for railway and reduced traffic jam on road (on-field activity reduced by 60%) and guarantees of reduced costs compared to standard solution with equivalent output.


Value creation
The engineering of the data acquired with ARCHITA is the real added value since, starting from the current state of the work being investigated, it allows a strategic planning of maintenance and modernization operations, contributing significantly to the security of the infrastructural heritage and to the protection of people.