An international engineering player who wants to contribute to building a better world through technical know-how, values and sustainability.






To provide innovative services in engineering, geotechnics, architecture and diagnostics for infrastructures that contribute to improving the mobility and safety of people.



Our values



People are the ones who determine the success of a company. People, each with their own way of being, with a their own specific professional path and expertise, but with the same desire to share company values and business goals. We think big and plan big. We are a young and energetic team that strongly believes in the importance of teamwork.
In ETS we invest in training activities and in the various opportunities for personal and professional development. We are sure we can count on collaborators involved, responsible and motivated, on a team that looks in the same direction, promoting themselves as ETS brand and values ambassadors .






Customers are the center of our company. The organization works only if it is able to give the right value to each individual client, making him satisfied with the service, the flow and the results achieved together, creating trust, the foundation of a fruitful collaboration.
Our vision is to build the organization on the client's perspective, so that his time scans our rhythms, aligning company strategies and making them converge towards a single goal : to satisfy those who trust us.


We look for excellence in everything we do, both technically and professionally. We offer services designed and developed to the smallest detail, developing innovative and efficient solutions that create value for our customers, using cutting-edge technology and the most suitable resources for each project. We are proud of our heritage and results that focus on making us promoters of the Made in Italy engineering excellence.


Honesty, trust, fairness are fundamental values on which we have built corporate relationships, allowing us to preserve and increase our credibility. We respect the people with whom we work and plan our activities responsibly, in compliance with social and environmental requirements. We consider friendships within the organization an added value, regardless of the hierarchy. We keep promises and commitments made by operating ethically and with integrity. We do not tolerate corruption and promote the culture of legality and security.


We believe in a safe and free of prejudice work environment where employees can express themselves creatively by finding new points of view. With this spirit, we invest in research and development and seek innovative, original and efficient solutions that create value for our customers, our company and society.

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