“I never perfected an invention without first thinking about the service it would offer to others. First I try to understand what the world needs, and then I try to invent it. “Thomas Edison


For ETS innovation is a concrete concept that pervades every aspect of our business, our way of thinking and acting. It is not confined only to technology and to its continuous progresses with which we constantly contend. Innovation is above all curiosity and constant commitment, research and knowledge, investment and bet. It is the driving force that shapes the company and gives it always a different form, a mirror of the ongoing targets. Therefore, we believe that innovation is not the result of pure creative force aimed at the realization of something that currently doesn’t exist. It is only when we start from a problem, from a client’s request, from the search for an opportunity that innovation acquires a concrete value and becomes a means, not an end. To ensure that an innovative idea can find its right expression, it is necessary to build creative networks that include people, organizations, ideas and adequate resources. This is why ETS is committed to developing strategic collaborations with universities, trade associations, highly innovative companies, foundations and research institutions, as a means of identifying trending topics relevant to the various markets. In ETS, Research and Development activities and consequently innovation are useful tools for identifying new trends and needs and developing efficient solutions and innovative services that allow us to respond by creating value for our customers, for our Company, for society.