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Before designing and realizing a work, investigations on the land are needed in order to evaluate the current conditions and how the work will impact them. Both geological and geotechnical investigations are functional to this aim, each one in different ways: the first one starts from the context analysis to help defining the project area and how the work will interact with it, while the second one is more specifically linked to the work itself.

The main objective of slope mapping is to identify and mitigate real and potential risks affecting the works and people’s lives. For this reason, by means of geotechnical and topographic surveys based on advanced technologies, we produce accurate technical documents that prepare for planning and designing structural works. Investigations are based on new generation algorithms and innovative processes, combined with high standard qualitative and quantitative risk-analysis, recognized and used at global level. This provides the decision-makers with a comprehensive overview of the infrastructures, which is useful to undertake the following safety and maintenance activities. 

Hydrologic and hydraulic investigations are conducted, with the help of numerical models, on specific territories such as water catchment areas, municipalities and consortia. Detailed analysis of the hydraulic status allows for identifying and designing hydraulic works, with special focus on Soil Bioengineering systems. Analysis and integration of hydraulic models is conducted with GIS systems, numerical modeling and specialized software.