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Ideation and design are complex and demanding activities which require specialized technical and high managerial skills. To meet these requirements, ETS develops and manages its projects through a team of highly qualified engineers, with the support of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and thanks to modern project management techniques.

The design of infrastructures and civil structures in the railway sector is the main activity in ETS. Thanks to our engineering team we are able to provide design solutions for individual works and integrated solutions for complex projects. Engineering and design of road structures completes the Company’s offer within the more general road infrastructure sector.

The design assignment of a single structure allows us to take charge of the entire lifecycle of the artwork, from ideation to the structural design and up to the definition of maintenance parameters. A bridge, a viaduct, an underpass, a tunnel, each of these structures can be an autonomous structure, or form an integral part of more complex organisms..

The seismic vulnerability is the predisposition of a building to be damaged and in danger of collapse. This theme, which is of great relevance in our country, deserves particular attention: our assessments of the seismic vulnerability of structures are conducted at different levels of detail, from more qualitative estimates (technical data sheets of constituting elements) to complex analyses with methods of linear and non-linear calculations using the most advanced software available on the market (Straus7, Midas).