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On the threshold between art and science, architecture plays an essential role in the building processes: designing the space and the functions connected to it. From the analysis of the territorial, environmental and urban aspects, to the planning and safety in the execution phase of the project, the main aim is to design spaces and artworks designed to improve the quality of living. Our Team of Architects designs also with the support of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and modern project management techniques.

The building organism responds to the issues of distribution of space with respect to a functional objective and in relation with the context. The team of architects in ETS is constantly engaged in striking the right balance between architectural coherence and our customers’ requirements.

Any change in the status of a place, whether anthropized or naturalistic, can’t be separated from the analysis and knowledge of the territory in its physical, historical and naturalistic components. In ETS we design by overcoming the simple regulatory obligation, convinced that sustainability consists in building with a view to the future.

In continuity with the concept of architecture itself, Interior Design means designing spaces within an enclosed space, which are in relation to everyday objects. In ETS we believe that the care of the practical and functional aspects of an environment is a key determinant of the very definition of the environment.